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Faculty Forms & Links

Tenure and Promotion Policy and Forms

8.10 Tenure and Promotion Review Policy (University)

Form 2 Review Group Information Form- Promotion

Presidential Awards Nomination Link & Forms

6.11 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Service, Scholarly/Creative Activities, Teaching, and Presidential Seminar

Attachment A Presidential Award for Excellence in Service Nomination Form
Attachment B Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarly/Creative Activities Nomination Form
Attachment C Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Nomination Form

Piper Professor Nomination Link

6.04 Piper Professor Award Recognition

Faculty Development Leave Link and Forms

8.02 Faculty Development Leaves

Attachment A Application for Faculty Development Leave

Attachment B Application for Supplemental Grant Award Associated with Faculty Development Leaves

Distinguished Professor Emeritus Link and Forms

6.01 Nominations for Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Appendix A Distinguished Professor Emeritus Nomination Form

                    Texas State Distinguished Professor Emeriti List