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I have reviewed my own degree audit and verified with my Graduate Advisor that I have successfully completed ALL degree requirements. *

Definitions of Graduate Research:

A professional paper (MAIS, MSCJ, MEd, MSIS, MS) generally involves a critical investigation of a well-defined issue or problem based on original analysis. The written product of this effort is a scholarly manuscript. The professional paper requires a more detailed and extensive analysis of the issue or problem than that included in a term paper. It is not merely a literature review, needs assessment, or a chronology of work in the practicum. The length of the manuscript, though closely related to the scope of the topic or research problem, normally ranges from 30 to 50 pages.

A thesis is a proposition to be defended in argument; a professional paper written by a candidate as a requirement for an academic degree. Your thesis should be submitted to the Graduate College by the designated deadline and comply with all thesis guidelines as approved by your committee Chair.

A dissertation is a formal discourse or a treatise written to fulfill the requirements for a doctorate from a university. Your dissertation should be submitted to the Graduate College by the designated deadline and comply with all dissertation guidelines as approved by your committee Chair.

My Graduate Research was a *

My Graduate Experience Synopsis: As a research emerging institution, all events supported by the College of Applied Arts require a research emphasis. Please keep this your focus as you in 50 words or less write a brief paragraph in third person about your graduate (masters or doctoral) experience.

Your Synopsis may include; your dissertation, thesis, or professional paper title, impact of your research, benefit to community, graduate assistantship, graduate honors, graduate awards, professional presentations or publications, position and employment secured after graduation.

We want to know that you have matured and grown academically and professionally during your graduate studies experience. This is not high school, nor is it your baccalaureate, this is the completion of your masters degree where we hope you became a scholar and an expert in your respective field. No personal information and no shout outs. Faculty reserve the right to edit your submission as they see fit to best represent, their respective field, their School, Department, Program, the College and Texas State University.


I will be participating in the College of Applied Arts Master's Hooding Ceremony. *