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Career Preparation Institute Application

Confirmation of Residency: This competition is open to U.S. Permanent Residents of Hispanic descent. Please select the residency status that applies to you. *
Ethnic Descent: *
U.S.D.A. priority area addressed: *

Statement of Commitment: I, the applicant, affirm my commitment to the goals and objectives of the Career Preparation Institute. This commitment includes: actively participating in the institute activities as well as the follow-up activities (mentoring, networking, and evaluation), maintaining communications with American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE), pursuing internships/careers with the United States Department of Agriculture, and/or pursuing doctoral programs in the food and agricultural sciences. *

My Professional Picture:

Please attach one (1) Professional head shot. Personal pictures will NOT be accepted. Professional business attire. Pictures must be jpeg format of MB size.

My Resume:

Please attach your professional resume.