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College of Applied Arts (C.A.A.)

C.A.A. 2017-2023 Strategic Plan November 2019 Update
C.A.A. 2017-2023 Strategic Plan November 2019 Update

The College of Applied Arts is currently in the third year of its six-year strategic plan. At this time, progress is occurring in all areas.

Enrollment: Although the overall graduate enrollment has slightly declined, incentives are being implemented to increase recruitment and retention. However, the number of graduate applications accepted for Spring 2020 increased compared with this time last year. The undergraduate enrollment remains steady with slightly more than 4,000 students enrolled. 


Grants: Substantial progress is occurring in all indicators regarding scholarship. More specifically, each year the number of external grants submitted and awarded increases. Over $17 million of grant expenditures occurred in 2019, exceeding every other college in the university.


Publications: Additionally, nearly 200 peer-reviewed publications were authored by the faculty in our college in 2019. In general, the faculty consistently increase the number of publications each year.


Infrastructure: The college continues to address infrastructure needs. The pavilion in Agriculture was converted with new additional office space. Hines Academic Center, which houses the School of Criminal Justice, has begun to make external repairs to the building. The construction for the Comparative Research Center for the School of Family Consumer will be completed in the next year. The Advising Center has requested new office space and will move into the newly renovated space next year to support a centralized advising center to meet the needs of our students.


Learning Communities: In an effort to engage undergraduate students in research, 16 learning communities have been established that directly engage nearly 70 students in faculty-led research. This includes support of Bobcat Bounty, a food bank established to address food insecurity among our students.


Faculty: Additionally, 12 new faculty lines have been added to our college during the most recent three years.


Overall, the College of Applied Arts is progressing towards its goals outlined in the current strategic plan. The above chart summarizes the Colleges progress to date.